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A New Year a New Class

Today the Canadian Labour Congress Ontario summer school kicked off. Many important course’s are underway to build and renew the labour movement in Canada. The participates have come from all around the province and are settled in to the Family Educational center in Port Elgin.

I have the great opportunity to deliver a course in labour technology and website building. Many trade union activist have for years relied on many forms of union communications (i.e posters, face-to-face meets and union newsletters) however this week we are going to spend our time on another form of union organizing, mobilizing members and educating the greater public with the use of web 2.0 tools. The increase in  smart phone technology and ‘soapbox’ options of transforming the message often not heard or seen in most media outlets today opens opportunity’s for labour to reach out.

In fact as brother Derek Blackadder wrote in the June/July Our Times magazine

Canadians now spend more time online than watching TV. Does your unions communications strategy reflect that? We have far more access to the web in getting out our message than we ever had to TV –

Well this week we hope to harness the tools available to our movement to create the better world that is possible.  Our workshop is focused on the content management system of weebly. A simple drop menu of widgets and elements in a system that new users can quickly pick up, get creative and quickly get their word out on the campaigns and struggles their members and workers around the world are currently facing.

As we build, develop and host discussion of broader communications using the web, I’m sure the unions who have invested in labour education will have a greater equipped activist in their member ranks at the end of this week.  Stay tuned for what’s to come.

Again, I want to thank those who have supported building and supporting the work needed in order to bring this program to our members and our movement.

Justice for Janitors Day May 15


Hurley is attempting to abandon a process that janitors and numerous cleaning companies embarked on a few years ago to improve standards in the cleaning industry. This impacts ALL of us in our fight to win better wages, benefits and RESPECT! Come to the Justice for Hurley Janitors Day meeting and stand-up for what we all need:


Justice for Janitors Day
May 15, 2010
300 Bloor St. West.

Janitors from ALL companies are welcome to attend (families are also welcome).

For more info visit http://www.JusticeforJanitors.ca

Justice for Janitors

Support Impact Cleaning Workers
Rally during OFL convention
Thurs. November 26th, 8:30am
65 Queen St. W
(Southwest corner of Bay and Queen. – across from City Hall)

Cleaners across Toronto have been fighting for better conditions and wages in their industry. They work in an industry where employers routinely use subcontracting schemes to deny workers vacation pay, EI, CPP, WSIB coverage sometimes they receive less than minimum wage.
Workers at Impact Cleaning Services Ltd. face such an employer. Impact has been found guilty of not paying overtime and violating the City of Toronto’s fair wage policy. Workers have also gone to the Ministry of Labour in order get back pay and money for unpaid vacations and holidays.
In addition to their employers cleaners also have to fight some of the largest and wealthiest companies in Canada who own the buildings they clean.
Impact has several contracts with Redcliff Property Management including 65 Queen St W. Redcliff continues to let Impact clean its buildings, in essence rewarding them for treating workers this way. Redcliff is owned by billionaire David Thomson one of the wealthiest individuals in Canada.
There is no reason a wealthy company needs to cut corners by hiring companies like Impact. Redcliff has a responsibility to all the workers in their buildings.
Support Justice for Janitors, join us in the fight for better standards for cleaning workers in Toronto.
For more information contact:
Ritch Whyman, SEIU Local 2
905-602-7477 ext. 211 cell: 416-809-0025 e-mail: rwhyman@seiulocal2.ca

Justice for Janitors
2600 Skymark Ave. Suite 200 Unit 2
Mississauga, ON L4W 5B2
905-602-7477 ext. 501