On Wednesday, September 23

Rally At Colin Carrie’s Office To Stop Harper’s Job-Killing Trans Pacific Partnership

Stephen Harper is desperate to sign the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) before the Oct. 19 election and is willing to put 26,000 jobs at risk.

The TPP includes the elimination of tariffs on Japanese imports with no guarantee of reciprocal exports from Canada to Japan and other Asian countries.

Demand that Stephen Harper stands up for Canadian jobs!

The event is tomorrow night (Sept 23) at Colin Carrie’s office (378 King St. W
Oshawa, Ont L1H 8N9), starting at 7 p.m.

Unifor has spoken out on this matter for a number of years now, as well now the Automotive Parts Manufactures Association has also commented in an Open Letter to Mexico and Canada Trade Ministers: Re: Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations addressed to The Honorable Edward Fast Minister International Trade, Canada and Dr. Ildefonso Guajardo Villareal Minister of Economy, Mexico. NAFTA auto parts makers mount drive to sweeten terms of TPP deal.

Destroyed Cars from TPP Trade Agreement

Destroyed Cars from TPP Trade Agreement