So who votes for the Conservative Party of Canada?

  • not parents that had national daycare taken from them
  • not aboriginals that saw two treaties rescinded and killed
  • not scientists that had their work muzzled by the government
  • not economists or social planners that were against tampering with the census
  • not women’s groups that had their funding pulled for supporting a woman’s right to choose or abolishing the gun registry
  • not anyone believing in freedom of information
  • not environmentalists
  • not anyone that protested at the G20 and watched the CONs squander a billion public dollars
  • not anyone that thinks political parties shouldn’t use government funds to spread their propaganda – 45 million and counting
  • not anyone that wanted fiscal responsibility and transparency
  • not anyone that sees the CONs spending more to deliver less
  • not anyone that wanted to see the CPP improved despite millions of Canadians calling for public pension improvements
  • not anyone who lost money in the income trust funds
  • not anyone who lost their job when the CONs cut funding to the arts, public sector or dismantling of manufacturing thriving communities
  • not civil servants that saw anyone of their members who pointed out abuse vilified in the media
  • not watchdogs that saw their power weakened until they could no longer do their job
  • not those that shook their head at terms like “ethical oil,” “cancer is sexy” “build more jails to deter unreported crime” and “Hitler theory”
  • not many nations when it came time to fill a UN Security Council seat

The international community has turned its back to Harper, Canada should too… a pair of glasses does not make the PM any wiser.

Stephen Harper plans to run on his “Tough on crime” “Family Values” and his “Business friendly agenda”

Go for it Steve. Your crime policies are a joke and are going to end up costing more money, and will not reduce crime or make society and safer. Your business friendly policies are an even bigger joke after the debacle with the UAE, and as for “Family Values” I can look after my own damn values and I don’t need you to do that for me.

Why don’t you run on your real agenda:

You will continue to run up accumulated debt which is more of a danger to the economy than anything else. You will continue your shameless self promotion, you will continue to waste tax payer dollars like water running through a sieve, and you will continue to embarrass Canada internationally, and you will continue to repeat the lie that you are an economist, and you will continue to be a fiscally reckless and incompetent leader.

Sounds like a plan, and at least it would be the truth. That would be a first for Stephen Harper.

Did you know Harper and Flaherty have a  dirty little secret.

The sub-prime mortgage fiasco they enable by de-regulating the Banks.

A Globe and Mail investigation in 2010 into more than 10,000 foreclosure proceedings has uncovered a burgeoning subprime mortgage problem that many, including Prime Minister Stephen Harper, have insisted does not exist in Canada.

The last five years under the Harper, Refrom regime has been a nightmare. They do not represent 68% of the electorate, but they keep ramming the ideologically driven Tea Party policies through government while ignoring parliamentary procedure.

Their boorish, arrogant, self-centred, big spending leader is an abomination to the majority of Canadians who did not vote for his condescending bills on law and order, corporate tax deductions, environment, and, in your face abuse of public funds to promote the Reform Party.

So if the Conservative party is testing the water and on-the road promoting their plans for Canada we may want to enact some real alternatives to what good government is all about.

Voting for the Cons or Libs reminds me of people who go into a bar looking for a meaningful relationships, get f–ked over, whine and complain about it, and yet, go back into the bar the very next night.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.