Good to see CAW Economist Jim Stanford on Evan Solomon’s CBC showkicking ass and taking names. And the economist he’s sparring with,
Jack Mintz, is no lightweight either. A study Mintz did where he
concluded that adopting the HST would hurt Ontario’s economy is in the
middle of yet another HST scandal in BC. It was recently revealed
through a FOI request that during the campaign in the 2009 BC
election, in reaction to McGuinty’s agreement with Flaherty on the
HST, that the Finance Ministry in BC began negotiating with Ottawa
over the HST, with Finance Minister Colin Hansen (and probably the
Premier’s Office) being briefed on this, including on Mintz’s study
saying it would hurt Ontario. Hansen has publicly stated, repeatedly,
that he, nor anyone else in his ministry, engaged in any discussion or
contemplation of the HST before the election. So Hansen’s been caught
red-handed outright lying. He laughably claims he had nothing to do
with the negotiations going on and “doesn’t remember” being briefed on
them. Yeah, sure. The NDP are looking into some sort of formal
indictment of Hansen because blatantly lying to the Legislature, and
he was specifically asked about this in Question Period, is apparently
against the law. And it’s even more scandalous, because Mintz had
been hired by the BC Liberals this year to conduct a study on the
HST’s effect on the economy, and he concluded that the tax would be
wonderful for BC, the diametric opposite of his earlier study on
Ontario where he argued it would be disastrous. Why would these taxes
have opposite effects, according to Mintz, in Ontario and BC? Not to
be a total cynic, but one explanation would be, given Mintz’s Far-
Right agenda, that saying the tax is bad in Ontario helps the Right-
wing politicians there, and claiming that the tax is good in BC helps
the Right-wing politicians here.

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As usual, Stanford’s got some interesting facts. I didn’t know that
Canada has the highest amount of foreign ownership of its economy,
measured by stock, than any other developed country. Very ominous.
The escalating takeover of the Canadian economy by foreigners,
particularly Americans, since the 80s, is a terrifying trend and the
fact that the Harper Conservatives want to increase this even further
demonstrates what contemptible sell-outs of Canada they are. It’s
like they’re literally trying to turn Canada into a neocolonial client
of the United States.