…The governing Conservatives have 51 seats, and the Liberals 49. There are two Progressive Conservatives, including Murray, two unaffiliated Senators and one vacancy.

Progressive Conservative Senator Lowell Murray, who voted for the changes. The committee took out measures including those relating to government-owned Canada Post and Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. because they had little to do with a budget plan, he said.
“By my count, there were 10 parts of that bill that belonged in a budget implementation bill and 14 that were not,” he said in a telephone interview.

The Senate voted to study the committee’s recommended changes the next time it meets, scheduled for July 12. Members could pass the original bill or send the revised one back to the elected House of Commons, Murray said.

Liberal Party Senator Joseph Day, the committee chair, said the Senate should rework the budget legislation because it included unrelated items such as environmental assessments.
“Hopefully the government will get the message on this,” Day said.