12:30 PM

Allan Gardens, corner of Carleton & Sherbourne


Because women, children, and trans people bear the brunt of violence, war, racism, colonialism, ageism, economic inequality, and climate degradation. The G8/G20 as an organization profits from and proliferates all of these problems.

Because Indigenous women are disproportionately victimized, incarcerated, and denied basic rights in Canada and across the world.

Because women and their families are displaced by war, by privatization and climate disasters caused by government and corporate actions, and are forced to migrate with their families to survive and thrive, only to be faced with criminalization and racism in Canada.

Because the Harper government has cut funding the Status of Women in Canada, killed plans for national childcare, and ended the court challenges program that sought to help women and minorities fight for their rights.

The Conservative government’s G8/ G20 maternal and child health initiative does not support contraception or abortion, and will result in far more preventable deaths than the overall number of lives saved.

Bring yourselves, your ideas, your passion, your rage!

Bring some food, bring paper, pens, markers, paints, tape, costumes, bullhorns, boomboxes … whatever you want to use to help make women’s voices heard in the G20!

Afterwards we will join with All Out for Gender Justice! to form a Gender Justice contingent as we lead off the Justice for Our Communities! March against the G20.