Today is Fossil Fools Day, an international day of action to hold dirty politicians and industries accountable for expanding a fossil fuel industry that is quickly destroying our planet and our communities. In Canada, the biggest Fossil Fools are Tar Sands developers, investors and political supporters responsible for the dangerously short-sighted expansion of the largest and dirtiest industrial project on the planet.



Steven Harper, Prime Minister

Michael Ignatieff, Opposition Leader

Jim Prentice, Minister of Environment

Ed Stelmach, Alberta Premier

Gord Nixon, CEO of Royal Bank of Canada

Brian Straub, President of Shell Canada

We are calling out Canada’s Fossil Fools for their relentless commitment to expanding the Tar Sands, the most destructive project on earth.

Thanks to these Fools:

Canada has gained a high international profile as a human rights abuser and climate criminal. First Nations communities have experienced violation of treaty rights, loss of land base and increased health concerns associated with tar sands extraction.
Our window of opportunity to transform the economy, create millions of new green jobs and be a world leader in clean energy is being overshadowed by an addiction to oil, power and greed, benefitting the Fools at our expense.
Canada’s commitment to the Kyoto Protocol to reduce greenhouse gas pollution has been ignored by our government.
Canada is leading the planet towards dangerous and irreversible climate change.

The movement to shut down the Tar Sands has exploded and all eyes are now on Canada’s fossil foolery. Youth in Canada and internationally will not allow Canada’s Fossil Fools to sacrifice our future for short term profit. If we’re going to stop climate change and respect aboriginal treaty rights, the only real solution is to keep fossil fuels in the ground!

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