Teeming with seminal moments throughout history as well as the provocative and moving imagery that defines our aesthetic, this calendar not only pays homage to activism’s past – it’s fuel to throw on the fire of future systemic change.

This year may well prove to be the lynchpin in the course of modern history … the moment we either turn to face the mounting specter of environmental collapse or, like in Copenhagen, fail to rescue future generations from a short, brutal existence. This is the year we decide: Do we bring salvation or damnation to citizens yet unborn?

The good news is that with crises looming on environmental, social and economic fronts, 2010 represents a time of unprecedented opportunities. This may be the moment that the world finally embraces the need for an absolute overhaul of global paradigms.

As the postmodern era wanes, what new movement will rise in its place? What grand new narratives are forming beneath us, preparing to sweep us along unexplored courses of human existence? We plumb the shrouded depths of this mysterious new zeitgeist and shine a light on some of the artists, philosophers and activists who are already there.

So let’s band together and navigate the dangerous, exhilarating course ahead!