December 6th.

What does this day mean to you?

December 6th marks the 20th Anniversary of the Montreal Massacre.

For those of you who are not aware of this tragic moment in history, it goes as follows:

On December 6th 14 women were brutally shot and killed at Ecole Polytechnique University in Montreal.
This is a Technical school, a University. These women got up in the morning like we all do everyday and
Went to school.

An angry man also attended school that day only he brought with him his anger
Against women and a gun. The classroom held approximately 60 people.

As class was about to start, he pulled the gun out and yelled to get everyone’s attention. He then segregated
The men from the women and allowed the men to leave the classroom. He called the women feminists and
Opened fire killing all of them. He then went out into the hallway and continued shooting wounding other
Women. I know this is very hard to hear but today, more than ever, our workplaces are becoming a
Complicated, frustrated place to be.

Can this happen anywhere, yes it can. How can we stop it? We can stop it by introducing legislation
That makes violence against women in the workplace a crime. This is long overdue.

I recently sat through the video of this horrible event and although it’s 20 years ago, it’s devastating to watch.

What can you do? You can go on the CAW website and under Campaigns and Issues, send the petition
To our government. Why? Because we are close but we need to continue the momentum and we can’t
Rest until we finally have legislative protection for women to have the right to refuse work when faced with threats
Of violence or harassment. Ontario is now close to enacting new worker’s safety legislations.

The CAW is working with the CLC and its affiliate Unions are also promoting a “20 Days/20 Ways to Stop Violence Against Women”
Which is a postcard campaign sending Stephen Harper a postcard a day for 20 days between November 16th and December 6th. The
Cards urge him to keep the gun registry and they also contain messages asking that Canada improve the lives of women.

We have distributed these packages of postcards at meetings across Canada and I urge all of you who have them to start sending
Them this week. Please don’t forget.

I know some of you are out of the workplace looking for something to become involved with, to continue
Our strength and struggle. This is something we can do together.

It only takes a moment, it could possibly save your Wife, Sister, Daughter, Mother or your Best Friend.

Please send this email to everyone you know sending a message to our government that we will not
Stop until the violence stops.

In solidaritiy,