I recently received an email from a Friend of mine. She asked how I was doing, how workers were doing and could their be a way forward for our society. She is a very apathetic individual, never seeing the purpose of standing up and voicing ones self. In the letter that she wrote she made mention of workers living beyond their means. I took offence to this!! And so here is what I wrote.

Hey how are you?

I’m doing alright… Was a little down for a while ago but i’m bouncing back. Glad to hear your day was good. You have a funny way with words sometimes so maybe that’s why they have so much fun with you at school. ;-)

“””I continue to hear stories of how the economy affects people and their families. Guess one quickly learns what you need/vs want; and when (not if) it turns around there will be a whole lot of grateful people (hopefully that is what they take from it, not go and start the cycle all over again-buying houses they can’t really afford etc.)”””

I didn’t really agree with what you wrote here. (Above) Not to argue or vindicate but……
most people live within their means…. I would say that more people in upper income brackets live outside their means. (CEO’s, Owners, Politicians) lol
All live above their means, whereas most Canadians thrive to find good secure employment. One that provides an opportunity for them to live debt free,  afford a reasonable home, provide for their families and community. All of a sudden there is a massive economic shit storm that they themselves were not responsible for comes along. The crisis that sits amongst us was created as the ‘paper economy’ exchanged worthless value to each other until one got caught with the hot potato.(US housing and energy costs)(being tied to the US dollar) The entire human population is now  infected.

After all Canadians just gave $200 billion to banks. None of which will ever be returned. Workers are now being forced to reduce wage levels and benefits, that in turn leads to less revenue for tax dollar programs. Simply put, in a world where billions of people lack the incomes to purchase goods and services, and where the big imperialist powers waste trillions on militarism rather than clean water, housing, medical care and other necessities, this way of living under capitalism is in deep trouble. That won’t change anytime soon, unless working people succeed in winning fundamental change. It’s just something to think about.

The Darlington incinerator seems to be moving through. We are in the ’11Th hour’. Immediate action is required in order to stop this region from building an incinerator. I still have a ton of projects going on simultaneously.

Thanks for the email,