Andrea Horwarth the new Ontario leader will breath new life into a struggling Ontario economy. One which workers are being attacked at all levels. Stepping into such an important role, at an important time.

We will have to count on the other leaders identified in our Ontario Party. Peter Tabuns who brings ideas of sustainable environmental progress, one which Ontario will need to develop in order to rejuvinate a crumbling infastruture and economy. Gilles Bisson who brings countless years of providing a strong voice to Northern Ontario. The ability to get the job done will only be an asset to Andrea. And last but not least Micheal Prue (Who I feel surprised many with not pulling bigger numbers) Micheal brings a great sense of bringing the whole team together. All of the Ontario New Democrats must stay united and help Ontario workers through their voices in the legislation.

Building upon the membership and changing the dynamics of support is up to the rest of the labour movement to come together and help elect more progressive, socially minded mpp’s. We begin by developing good labour leaders in our community and running them with our full support.

The future of Ontario depends on it!!